Mission of chemical sciences in sustainable development

Bogdan Marciniec


Mission of chemical sciences in a vision of knowledge-based economy formulated in Brundtland Report for UN (1987) is considered in view of perspectives of chemical sciences development in the world, Europe and Poland. In the paper the role of chemistry as “Central Science” is specified to be crucial and simultaneously menial for global solution of fundamental problems of other fields of science in sustainable development of the contemporary civilization. Main challenges for chemical sciences in front of the global world threats are emphasized (see the monograph) [9] and, on the other hand, the respective trends and perspectives of the chemistry development to stop and/or eliminate those threats are summarized. A multidisciplinary strategic projects realized by strong multidisciplinary teams involving experts in fundamental and applied science seems to crucial in preparation of advanced technologies for sustainable development of our civilization. Finally the project “Wielkopolska Center of Advanced Technologies” – consortium including 5 Universities, 4 Institutes of Polish Academy of Sciences and 1 research institute as well as Poznan Science & Technology Park is described as a model center illustrating the role of chemical sciences in multidisciplinary consortium of research institutions.


chemical sciences; chemistry trends and perspectives; chemical technology sustainable development

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