„What is a poem to lawmaking” or what we need poetry for?

Józef Tomasz Pokrzywniak


The question: why do we need poetry is important to us is, because our University is under the patronage of the poet Adam Mickiewicz. At the end of XVIII century, when there was taken efforts to create the University in Poznań, a candidate for Rector was to be also a poet, priest John Gorczyczewski. However, this question is important first of all, because from the ancient times to the present days poets themselves have expressed various doubts about the benefits of writing poetry. On the other hand authors like Horatius emphasized the importance and significance of poetry for themselves and for the readers; in contemporary reality organized by improvement and advanced technology, question about the benefits from the poetry is very interesting. These goods, which are here discussed and showed in fragmentarily way are being revealed by expression of feelings and emotions, as well as universal life wisdom. Poems – as Ignacy Krasicki wrote – do not influence on the law creation and do not increase cereal yields but create a culture, so like the other arts, will be always needed.


poetry; poet; advanced technologies

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