Making universities international: how do it right?

Iwona Hofman


Program of the IX Citizens Congress (Warsaw, 25th October, 2014) dealt, among others, with the issues of making universities international, understood as part of the “national coaching”) defined by the abilities and habits to enhance personal and civilizing competences. The following questions
were asked in this sense: Does making universities international bring a chance or pose a threat to the academic community? What are the benefits of this process for the Polish education? How can we engage Polish scientists into the international science “networks”? Should one strategy be implemented or is there a need for flexibility?, What are the obstacles of making Polish education international? Is it the inertia of scientific institutions or mentality of the Polish
scientists?; How can we create national science networks which combine scientists from different universities? What should be done to change “self-reliance” of the Polish scientists? The conclusions and recommendations made in the course of the debate referred to the clear distinction of the process between the science represented by e.g. networks of the international cooperation and the universities functioning in the international environment.


internationalization of research; overseas students; Citizens Congress

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