The Committee on Analytical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences – past and present

Adam Hulanicki, Jacek Namieśnik


In the contemporary society analytical chemistry as a scientific discipline and its practical application, termed often “analysis”, has many important aims, and its role still increases. The Committee, formed in 1955 as a Commission, during several decades has coordinated and supported the activity of Polish analytical chemists on the national and international fields. Its present role includes organization of conferences and seminars, evaluation of research results of young scientists, promotion of publication of textbooks and monographs, and awarding scientists for their special merits in development of analytical chemistry in Poland. The Committee is composed at present of 35 persons elected every three years by professors and docents working actually in analytical chemistry in Poland. In the structure of the Committee exist 10 Working Groups, each covering a specialized area of analytical techniques.


analytical chemistry; chemical analysis; international conferences

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