The science and religion once more. About contemplative science

Radosław Kossakowski


The article analyses the role of buddhism in development of mind sciences. Author thinks over whether there is possible cooperation between buddhists and scientists. In text there are examples such cooperation e.g. between XIV Dalajlama and psychologists and neurobiologists. On these foundations they deicided to conduct series of experiments investigating work and alternations of brains in case of people who – for years – have practiced sophisticated mental training, meditation. The findings show that such training has substantial meaning for changes of brain’s work and contributes to develop so-called “neuroplasticity”. It –in turn – can be used to help people with depression, and obssesive-compulsive disorder. There are evidences that the mental training reducts above disorders considerably. Author presents also idea of “the laboratory of mind”, where the scientists would investigate influence long-term meditation on work of human brain.


science; religion; mind; buddhism; neuroplasticity; mental training

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