Is pragmatic logic a proper educational alternative to critical thinking?

Andrzej Dąbrowski


Critical thinking is an important part in education at colleges and universities in the United States of America. Some scientists propose also to introduce such a discipline at universities in Poland. In this paper I argue that it is not necessary because in our country there is a well-established tradition of logic – more precisely, pragmatic logic. The objectives of pragmatic logic cover mainly the objectives of critical thinking; it is primarily about the development of clear and effective thinking, based on rational argumentation, too. Also, the subjects related to pragmatic logic largely coincide with the subjects of critical thinking. Hence, a textbook of Critical Thinking in Poland should be called ‘pragmatic logic’. Nonetheless, there are no obstacles to use the Americans' experience and knowledge in this field in Poland.


critical thinking, reasoning, analysis, evaluation, pragmatic logic, Lvov-Warsaw school, Ajdukiewicz

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