Hazards related to water quality

Marek Gromiec, Andrzej Sadurski, Maciej Zaleski, Paweł Rowiński


This paper has presented the main hazards related towater quality, in a form of selected types of pollutants, such as: organic compounds, nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, toxic substances, pathogenic organisms and a new types of pollutants. Their antropogenic  effects on the quality of receiving waters has been descibed, including the effects from agriculture and mining industries. The status of the quality of water bodies in Poland, for both surface and ground waters, has been given. The following proposed solutions are descibed: pollution prevention, modern technologies for water treatment, wastewater treatment and wastewater sludge processing, ecohydrology and revitalization of impoundments, as well as non technical methods of water pollution control.  A possibility of obtaining a good status of surface and ground water bodies in Poland until the end of 2015 has been considered.


hazards; water quality; pollution sources; proposed solutions

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