Professor Andrzej K. Tarkowski (1933-2016) – pioneer of mammalian experimental embryology

Marek Maleszewski


The article presents the main discoveries of Prof. Andrzej K. Tarkowski, which proved to be fundamental for modern mammalian developmental biology and also for progress in animal breeding and assisted reproduction. Among his achievements the most important are: the demonstration of regulative abilities of blastomeres isolated from early mammalian embryos, generation of first chimaeric mice, studies on mammalian parthenogenesis and establishment of blastomere electrofusion technique for production of tetraploid embryos. Studies on nucleo- cytoplasmic interactions in germ cells and early embryos contributed substantially to the development of mammalian cloning. Prof. Tarkowski’s work and discoveries provided a tremendous input to the contemporary developmental biology of mammals.


mammalian embryo; isolated blastomeres; mouse chimaeras; parthenogenetic development; nucleo-cytoplasmic interactions; tetraploid embryos

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