„Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe”: synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients as a Polish brand?

Grzegorz Grynkiewicz, Renata Jachowicz, Krzysztof Kopeć, Anna Krause, Wojciech Kuźmierkiewicz, Janina Lulek, Beata Maciejewska, Rafał Moszczyński-Petkowski, Janusz Rachoń, Piotr J. Rudzki


Correct diagnosis and appropriate selection of pharmacotherapy will not upgrade patient’s health if the drug is not available in the pharmacy. Pharmaceutical supply chain breakdown may occur due to epidemiological or political reasons. Then, the finished drug form factories located in Poland will not secure the drug supply. Thus, cooperation of the scientific community with the pharmaceutical and chemical industries is necessary to boost the domestic manufacturing of active pharmaceutical substances and substrates. Due to number of substances needed, the scale of national demand and the investments, the problem needs to be solved at European level. The Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe is an important guidance in this regard. The aim of our paper is to review the current state, indicate solutions and initiate a discussion on the development of the synthesis of active pharmaceutical substances in Poland. We focused on small-molecular compounds, the national perspective and the relationship between the synthesis of active substances and protection of the natural environment. Point actions for investments in infrastructure as well as research and development are not enough. Thus, we propose to create a system supporting synthesis of active pharmaceutical substances in Poland.


pharmacy; chemical synthesis technology; European Union; active pharmaceutical ingredients (API); drug supply chain security; green chemistry

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