Analogowa i cyfrowa komunikacja naukowa w Polskiej Akademii Nauk


  • Martyna Sabała doktorantka w Instytucie Języka Polskiego Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

Słowa kluczowe:

science communication, Polish Academy of Sciences, Open Access


Polish Academy of Sciences develop different ways of science communication through many years, range from informal communication – conferences, conventions, scientific meeting – to books, journals and papers available in digital libraries and by Open Access. The aim of the paper is an analysis of the analogue communication and working Polish Academy of Sciences in the media convergence. The analysis should prove that the institution use the recent method of sharing of the researches results, including Web 2.0. The paper shows number of printed publications of Polish Academy of Sciences. The digital science communication is described on the grounds of data registered in Arianta, analysis of websites of the institutes, the committees and the divisions, and the interview in the Office of Science Popularization and Promotion.