Seniorzy jako użytkownicy Internetu


  • Barbara Szmigielska Instytut Psychologii, Zakład Psychologii Behawioralnej, Uniwersytet Jagielloński
  • Anna Bąk
  • Małgorzata Hołda

Słowa kluczowe:

old age, digital divide, benefits of Internet use, e-senior programs


The paper presents the most important issues concerning the use of the Internet by the elderly, illustrated with the results of recent studies conducted both in Poland and worldwide. The problem of digital divide among the elderly is discussed, which is mainly an effect of the specificity of human development in the old age and the fact that using Internet is learned in advanced age. Various areas of seniors activity in the Web are also presented, as well as the benefits of Internet use and the problem of education of the older generation, which aims to include as many people as possible to the Internet society. For this purpose, an overview was made of the major e-senior programs implemented in different countries.