Wojciech Urbański – polski badacz zjawisk elektrycznych


  • Mirosław Dąbrowski członek korespondent PAN

Słowa kluczowe:

Wojciech Urbański, history of electrical engineering, university scientist


In this paper basic biographical data are presented about Wojciech Urbański, the physicist, mathematician, and the university librarian. A special attention is paid to his publications in electrical engineering, particularly to the papers published in German, concerning the theory of potential, as well as to his contributions on the electric charge density distribution in conductive objects. His extensive physics and geometry handbooks are also described. Furthermore his publication output devoted to popularization of the nature sciences, astronomy, and the social sciences is combined and listed. Finally his significance as the promoter of the progressive  Polish culture in a difficult period of the 19th century, especially during the so-called Spring of Nations in 1848, is also brought to notice.