Radzenie jako przekonywanie: ujęcie retoryczne


  • Maria Załęska Katedra Italianistyki, Uniwersytet Warszawski

Słowa kluczowe:

rhetoric, deliberative genre, advice, counselling, deliberation, counsellogy, Aristotle


Since modern usage of the core terms is essential in the appropriate interpretation of ancient rhetoric texts, the paper starts from a discussion of semantic differences between the concepts of advice, counselling and deliberation in the Polish language. Ancient rhetoric takes as its starting point an overarching notion of ‘deliberative genre’ which includes not only laymen and expert advice, but also the political deliberation. It offers some theoretical categories, universal enough to address these apparently incompatible contexts of advice-giving and advice-taking. Rhetorical approach points out the relation between axiology and persuasive mechanisms. It identifies also some persuasive devices likely to enhance the efficiency of advice-giving, such as the use of examples and reasoning based on probability evaluation.