Zygmunt Bauman – przyczynek do biografii intelektualnej


  • Jacek Raciborski Instytut Socjologii Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

Słowa kluczowe:

Zygmunt Bauman, modernity, intellectual biography, Holocaust, nation state, globalisation


The article is devoted to the late Zygmunt Bauman (d. January 2017), a scholar who made an enormous impact on world humanities at the turn of the twentieth century. It briefly presents Bauman’s life and a number of the best known concepts from his works. The author first discusses Bauman’s attitude toward Marxist theory and explains his revision of it. He then introduces the main ideas of Bauman work Modernity and the Holocaust. The article ends with a review of Bauman’s reflections on globalisation and a discussion of his thesis concerning the crisis of the nation state.





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