Biogospodarka, biotechnologia i nowe techniki inżynierii genetycznej


  • Ekspertyza Komitetu Biotechnologii PAN

Słowa kluczowe:

biotechnology, bioeconomy, circular bioeconomy


Bioeconomy is an important element of the Polish economy and the basis of bioeconomy is innovative biotechnology. The development of bio-economy (especially in closed circuit) requires modern “bio” technology. The resignation of such elements in the economy as achievements of modern biotechnology – albeit possible – is associated with a significant increase in development costs and the loss of access to innovative technologies that are essential for the today and future economy of the country. It is necessary to gain public acceptance for the emerging market of bioproducts, bioservice and bioprocesses. Legislation ammendment supporting innovation in general, and bio domains in particular, is a necessity. The current state of Polish biotechnology is presented on the basis of detailed studies and published on the website of the Biotechnology Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences: “Biotechnological centers in Poland – MAP OF POLISH BIOTECHNOLOGY”; on this page you will find as well this report (