Ludwik Bohdan Grzeniewski – mistrz literackiej miniatury


  • Jan Tomkowski Instytut Badań Literackich PAN, Warszawa

Słowa kluczowe:

Ludwik Bohdan Grzeniewski, Polish literature, Warsaw


Ludwik Bohdan Grzeniewski (1930–2008) was Polish essayist, poet, critic and novelist. He was born and died in Warsaw, where he spent all his life. Well known as varsavianist, he was also master of literary miniature. It is not a literary genre in the strict sense. “Literary miniature”, coherent artistic statement, as short as possible, combines elements of poem, essay, short narrative and others. Grzeniewski always highly valued precision, he preferred condensed form of expression. I therefore think, that the books of this writer (Igły w stogu siana, “Drobiazgów duch, wspaniały i powietrzny…”, Taniec z mufką and others) deserve attention.