Globalizacja nauki: rosnąca siła indywidualnych naukowców


  • Marek Kwiek Institute for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities (IAS), Katedra UNESCO Badań Instytucjonalnych i Polityki Szkolnictwa Wyższego UAM w Poznaniu

Słowa kluczowe:

global science, sociology of science, quantitative science studies, science of science, globalization, publishing patterns, collaboration patterns, academic profession


Science at the state level consists of two distinct and heterogeneous systems: the global science system and national science systems. National science systems are deeply embedded in global science, and states seek to use global knowledge for domestic economic needs. However, harnessing the wealth of global knowledge can only be done through scientists. Consequently, the scientific strength of states in practice depends on the scientific strength of individual scientists. Their ability to collaborate internationally and to tap into the global scientific network is crucial. By remaining outside it and working within local research programs, the academic community risks being marginalized, losing the interest of national research funding patrons, and losing the ability to influence the development of science.





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