Biblia humanistyczna, czyli Jana Kochanowskiego opowieść o Zuzannie i starcach


  • Krzysztof Gajewski Instytut Badań Literackich PAN

Słowa kluczowe:

renaissance, Bible, humanism, Jan Kochanowski, Zuzanna


The article contains a multifaceted analysis of Jan Kochanowski's poem “Zuzanna” in a comparative approach to the biblical prototype. Maintaining the conclusions of previous researchers stating the classicization that Kochanowski subjected the original story, the article clarifies the opinions formulated so far too univocally by examining the plot layer, the structure of the presented world, and in particular the characters, the manner of narration and the stylistic layer. In conclusion, it is stated that the humanistic consciousness influences the way the characters are built and the narrative (which has not been noticed so far), although at the same time the versification refers to a certain extent to the medieval poem.