Disasters related to water excess

Renata J. Romanowicz, Elżbieta Nachlik, Anna Januchta-Szostak, Leszek Starkel, Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz, Andrzej Byczkowski, Piotr Kowalczak, Janusz Żelaziński, Laura Radczuk, Piotr Kowalik, Krzysztof Szamałek


Floods are among the worst global natural disasters due to their frequency and amount of both social and economic losses. The aim of this work is the presentation of risk related to the damaging impact of water excess in Poland in the face of the changing climate and the socio-economic development of the country. The authors analyse the scale and mechanisms of floods in Poland. Projections for the future related both to the climate change and direct anthropogenic effects are also presented. The results of the work provide information on flood generating factors, loss reduction and a proposal of an effective strategy for flood protection.


floods; flood generation mechanism; flood loss; flood risk; flood protection

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